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Fabric trimmings go back hundreds of years when they had to be hand made and only the very rich could afford do embellish their cloaks and clothing. A stitch at a time and silk threads made the elegant trims totally unaffordale to the lower classes. Trims were held in high regard.

When the industrial revelution came and machines replaced hand sewing, fabric trims became available to all and the victorian age came about where just about all clothing had colorful fabric trims.

Today fabric trimmings are used for clothing, pillows, window treatments, upholstery, doll clothes, scrapbooking, crafts, costumes, theatrical productions, furniture, and many other uses. Fabric trims inspire.

Fabric trimmings add a dimension of color and depth unachievable by just fabric alone. Look at any decorator magazine today and chances are you'll see fabric trims in most of the pictures.

VintageTrims.com is a unit of kiefers.com, where some of our sister companies date back to 1885. We have a huge inventory of fabric trims, some going back to the 1930s and 1940s as well as much that is more recent. The trims you'll see inspire and make it easy to create unique items you'll be proud of and get many compliments on. If you want trims that most have never seen, shop here. We serve tens of thousands each year and have a professsional staff of nearly 50 people in our companies.




Read our Brief History of Lace. An introduction to the origins of lace and it's place in our modern world.

If you've ever wondered where the Jacquard name comes from take a look at our introduction to Origins of the Jacquard article.

If you're getting married or designing a dress, take a look at our laces suitable for bridal gowns, undergarments, and decorating for the entire day.

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